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Sanchez Landscaping offers hardscape services as part of it landscaping services. Hardscaping focuses on the inanimate components that leave a more permanent mark on your property. Paved areas, like sidewalks and streets, are examples of a hardscape you might find in a large-scale project like housing subdivisions. Items made of wood, stone, and concrete are hardscaping components.

Hardscape elements provide many benefits to your property. Firstly, the curb appeal of your property increases. If you have slopes or uneven soil, hardscaping helps prevent parts of your property from eroding. In addition to adding beauty, your property value increases immediately. Quality hardscaping, which you will only find at Sanchez Landscaping, gives your home or commercial property a polished, professional look. Hardscaping needs less maintenance because their components do not need watering.

Hardscaping examples include, but are not limited to, stone retaining walls, wood decks, tile paths, arbors, and patios made of brick or concrete. Anything meant to stay in place is hardscape while softscape components (living objects like trees, shrubs, etc.) are more transitory, meaning they can be replaced or removed more readily. Our design team will gladly meet and consult with you to find the perfect balance between hardscape and softscape components.

Hardscaping can be difficult work, especially in the winter. Flat projects like paths, walkways, and patios are projects best done after the ground has had time to thaw following a winter freeze. Sanchez Landscaping will deliver the best service year-round and will leave you completely satisfied.

The highly qualified and fully licensed paving contractors from Sanchez Landscaping installed some of the best hardscape work you will find in Monroe Township, NJ and surroundings areas. Call us today to book a consultation with our hardscaping experts!

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